A few of our favourite face and hair care products.

Heliabrine HP

HP Essential Care Line

For all skin types, this high performance line is for people over 30 years of age…

When regularly used, it helps fight the aging process consequences thanks to several natural active ingredients : Marine Collagen, Karité (shea butter), Ginkgo Biloba, Jojoba and Macadamia oils, Pomegranate oil, fresh cells of Kiwi, Imperata Cylindrica, Sweet almond extract, Acmella Oleracea.

Sweet Clover Line

Most skins react to stress and environment. HÉLIABRINE® has developed a complete and specific line for the care of sensitive, demanding, intolerant or fragile skin.

Our pharmacists have selected natural active ingredients with anti redness, repairing, moisturizing and soothing properties such as a very pure extract of Organic Sweet Clover and Blue Daisy, a flower from Mediterranean which calms irritatins and protects the skin from ageing.

Heliabrine HA

HA Range

Specifically formulated for oily, acneic and problem skins, HA line is perfect for teenagers as well as people of all ages who continue to experience these problems.

HÉLIABRINE® features very original and active formulas (Puriphyl solution…). Of course it is without fragrance or colorings to avoid cutaneous reactions.

Helixience "White Resolution"

HELIXIENCE® WHITE RESOLUTION. Skin ageing, sun exposure, hormonal factors and the use of photo-sensitizing substances are the most common causes of high melanin production.

Helixience is ideal for the daily care of mature skin with hyper pigmentation (brown spots); it helps smooth wrinkles and preserve a young, supple, and more radiant skin.


Capital Defense Line

Capital Defense Line

Extremely mobile and very thin, the skin around the eye contour develops wrinkles and ages more quickly and the rest of the face.

As a result of poor blood and lymph circulation, bags and dark circles, become permanent and make the eyes look heavy.

The Capital Defense range provides a complete answer to the specific problems of the area around the eyes.

Urban living facial care

Stress, pollution, urban living or fatigue can affect and asphyxiate the skin .  CONSEQUENCES: The complexion is dull, the skin becomes more sensitive, dehydrated and premature lines appear…  THE OXY-DEFENSE Line has been formulated to protect, rebalance and tone the skin for a visibly clear and radiant complexion.