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NEW! Soul Nourishing Facial

2 hours: $259.97 
1 hour: $179.97

Deep Soul Nourishing Facial Is a 2 in 1. This Treatment Will Allow You to Receive Guidance, Connect Deeply Within, Release All Unwanted Stress and Anxieties That Are Holding You Back.

The First Part of Your Anti -Aging Facial Is the Aesthecis Rituals That You Will Experience, the Second Part Is the Soulful Part Where I Will Release All Energies That Are Not Serving You, Balance Your Chakras, Nourish Your Soul With Crystals and Will Finish With a Light Energy Message Treatment All in One.


Vita – Marine with Double Collagen

2 hours: $210.00
1 hour: $160.00

For Mature Skin. Replumping Collagen Mask That Smoothes, Tones-up and Moisturizes Your Skin. Very Intensive Treatment With Incredible Results.


Vita – Anti-aging Angel Facial – Reading
1 Hours


For Mature Skin. Exclusive Repairing & Revitalizing Treatment That Will Nourish and Soothe Your Skin.  This Treatment Also Includes an Intuitive Reading While Relaxing.  Leave This Treatment Feeling Pampered and Guided.


Vita – Anti-aging With Collagen Vial

2 hours: $175.00
1 hour: $125.00

For Mature Skin. Repairing and Revitalizing Care. Amazing Anti-aging Treatment. A High Concentration of Native Marine Collagen to Moisturize and Provide Anti-wrinkle Effect.


1 Hour


For All Skin Types. Special Care For Tired and Devitalized Skin. The Skin Instantly Recovers Its Freshness and Its Radiance.


Natural Replenishing “Chemical Free” Facial | 1 Hour


What an Amazing Facial! This Treatment Will Strengthen, Brighten, Firm, Hydrate and Calm Your Skin. The Ingredients Are All Natural From My Pantry and My Refrigerator.


Vita – Aroma
1.5 Hours


For All Skin Types. Unique Treatment With 30 Plant Extracts and Essential Oils Providing a Luxurious and Customized Facial.


Vita – Purifying Teen Facial
1 Hour


Perfect Facial for Educating Teens on Skin, Balancing the PH and Replenishing Their Skin.


*** Add – On Crystal With Your Massage $25 ***

Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Skin With a Relaxing Infusion of Energy That Comes From Rose Quartz, Lepidolite & Aquamarine.  Known as Favourite Beauty Stone, Lepidolite, or Mica Is Believed to Help Preserve the Aging Process.  Egyptians Believed That Rose Quartz Held Anti-aging Properties.  It Was Also to Infuse Love Back Into Their Body