Spiritual Journey!

I was being invited to create something new as an offering for YOU. A new little offering that you could embrace with any of your spa services.

You’ll now have the opportunity to upgrade any service of your choice to the spiritual journey. 

The spiritual journey is a $25 investment that will allow you to receive a profound sensation of nourishment, relaxation, guidance( card reading ) or even embrace a deep soulful motherly touch. 

As well, when you choose to follow your heart and embrace a spiritual journey with me, note you will never experience two treatments the same. 

You will experience a feeling like you’re coming home.  A warm sacred space of unconditional love will be waiting for you.  

A place where you will only feel love.  A place where you will feel safe & an upgrade that is customized just for you.

Now the choice is yours. You could receive your regular spa services or upgrade them on a spiritual journey. Allow me to really tap in and bring  forward what is truly needed for you.

You are a beautiful soul & so deserving of feeling nourished, loved, heard, valued, seen and supported in my loving presence.